Non-Profit Housing Subsidies Canada (NPHSC) offers mortgages to at subsidized rates to employees and volunteers of charities and non-profit organizations in Canada. 

Non-Profit Housing Subsidies Canada (NPHSC) gets rate subsidies from banks to reduce the cost of living for charity workers.  Charity compensation in 2011 and 2012 was 10% lower than in the for profit sector

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t bank with one of your partners, what can I do?

We’ve probably approached your bank and they weren’t interested in participating.  Consider switching to a bank that does support your efforts, or, if you don’t want to switch banks, consider using ING Direct; they’ll take the payments from a chequing account at any Canadian financial institution.

Can I have a subsidized mortgage even though I do not fit the published criteria?

Probably not.  There is a limited amount of funding available each year so this is not a public opportunity.  A condition of our funding is that it be used for people who fall into one of the verifiable categories listed under eligibility.  If you think you fit into the “spirit” of the program and deserve an exception, feel free to contact us.  All exceptions must be approved by our partners so there is very limited flexibility.  Remember, anyone can become eligible through a donation to the non-profit or charity of their choice.  See the “Significant Donors” section under eligibility.

I have been declined by one of your partners for a traditional mortgage, will they consider me under your program?

Possibly.  One of the conditions our partners require is a demonstrated ability to repay their loan, however because the monthly payments are significantly lower through our subsidized interest rates you may therefore become a more qualified borrower.  If you meet our eligibility requirements we’re happy to submit your application for funding.

I inquired about your program at my branch, and they couldn’t help me?

Because this isn’t a public program and the burden of proof of eligibility falls to us, so does the application for your mortgage.  If we haven’t placed a mortgage with your branch yet, they probably won’t know about us until we do.  If we have, they’ll send you to us until it’s ready to be finalized.  We deal with bank underwriters and VP’s directly through the application phase. You will sign final documents with your branch and after your mortgage funds are advanced you’ll use your branch for servicing related issues such as payment frequency changes.  In the case of an ING mortgage you’ll use their call centre.

What is the difference between a subsidized mortgage and a traditional one?

Basically, its profitability.  Branches and brokers are resellers of “profitable” mortgages, i.e. mortgages which provide a financial incentive to their originators.  Ours do not.  While your rate will not be 0%, it will be at a rate that strips out any “finders fee” or branch “commission” and is therefore much lower than could be attained under traditional circumstances

Are you a bank?  Where does the money come from?

No, we do not provide mortgages directly, we work with partnered financial institutions that provide and subsidize mortgages themselves.  We work with high level bank VP’s and underwriters at major Canadian banks to originate mortgages at subsidized rates.

Why isn’t my rate 0%?

At 0% our partners would incur a loss that is not tax deductible.  Banks borrow from financial markets and the federal government in order to fund their mortgage portfolios; they too incur a monthly interest cost by advancing your loan.  Subsidized rates mean reducing the profitability to close to zero but not (usually) past the point of loss.  The result is an interest rate that does not generate a significant profit and sometimes results in a loss depending on the bank’s own accounting and market strategy.  For you this means a rate which is much lower than is available to the general public, or the savvy negotiator.

Is this program province specific?

Our program supports any eligible person in Canada and is not province or territory specific.

I meet the eligibility requirements, can I still be declined?

You will not be declined for the subsidy, but it is possible that you will be declined for the loan itself.  Our partners have no interest in foreclosing on a hardworking volunteer or non-profit worker any more than they do on the general public.  You will need to show some ability to repay the loan, but our partners are especially supportive of non-profit workers and many options exist.  If you’re concerned, apply anyway, the subsidized rate means lower monthly payments so you may become qualified for financing you weren't approved for previously.


Our mandate is to help lower the cost of living for those who work in the non-profit sector.  Eligibility is limited to volunteers, employees and significant donors, all of whom have put service before their own financial interest